WELCOME from the


A very warm welcome to Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Manchester, where young people are at the heart of everything we strive to achieve and prioritised in every decision that we make.

The Academy is passionate about guiding pupils to explore their natural talents and fulfil their potential, and staff believe that every young person – regardless of their prior achievement and background – is capable of making outstanding progress academically and personally. Each pupil is celebrated, valued and recognised for their individual contributions to the Academy community, and our staff work hard to ensure that all of our pupils are inspired to become the best young person they can be.

We want our pupils to become confident, well-rounded individuals, with real leadership potential and a strong academic and moral foundation. With the support of our staff, governors, parents and the local community, our aim is to create an aspirational educational environment where our pupils achieve exceptional outcomes and feel safe, happy and well.

Through our leadership specialism – and a wealth of enriching opportunities and experiences designed to promote educational excellence, character development, and service to communities – we nurture, inspire and support our pupils to become the leaders of tomorrow. We want all of our pupils to develop the drive to succeed, alongside a genuine commitment to helping others, and by teaching pupils the importance of being kind, compassionate and respectful, the Academy encourages them to develop a keen sense of right and wrong and the willingness to make a positive impact in their local community and beyond. Pupils also learn how to initiate and maintain positive relationships, work as part of a team, and communicate respectfully with everyone they know.

The Academy’s curriculum is broad and balanced, with an emphasis on high expectations and model behaviour within the context of a vibrant and engaging learning environment. Staff are passionate about instilling the desire to learn and the ambition to achieve within all pupils, and believe strongly in positive reinforcement and rewarding pupils for exemplifying the Academy’s STAR values of Service, Teamwork, Ambition and Respect. We have devised innovative and successful teaching techniques in order to capture and sustain pupils’ interest and, by creating a values-based environment that promotes and rewards hard work, pupils are encouraged to always do their best.

Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Manchester is part of a family of schools within Star Academies. Our teachers and associate staff are experienced, well-qualified professionals and pupils’ welfare is always their main priority.

The Academy is committed to positive progress and, through successful collaboration with all our stakeholders within and outside the Trust, we work together to ensure that all of our pupils are able to shine.


Sarfraz Shah                    Shabir Fazal

Principal                                                           Executive Principal