Our approach to behaviour and discipline can be described as “tough love”. We operate a firm but fair approach. We apply this rigorously, robustly and consistently. We want to make sure that disruptive behaviour by the few does not damage the achievements of the many. The Codes of Conduct for Staff and Pupils and the Home-School Agreement set out our expectations clearly.
Rewards and Sanctions

Every pupil is special and we regularly identify, reward and celebrate their many successes. These successes can be in any aspect of Academy life. They include rewards for regular attendance, outstanding achievement or making a good contribution to the local community.

We use a wide range of rewards, ranging from simply saying “Well done!” to issuing certificates and prizes. We hold regular celebration assemblies and special events, such as the annual presentation evening, to celebrate the achievements of our pupils.

If standards at the Academy are to be maintained, it is equally important to have a clear, consistent sanctions system.