The Academy has a vibrant Performing Arts curriculum, offering opportunities for creative self-expression and involvement at every level. Performing Arts can have a profoundly positive impact on pupil’s emotional well-being, offering them a respite from the rigors of academia, whilst still encouraging them to develop vital soft skills.

Through Performing Arts, pupils are encouraged to connect with their audience, inspiring them to feel and challenging them to think. They also become well-versed in conveying their messages through verbal and non-verbal communication, whilst considering how their work can be perceived from a variety of different perspectives. All of these skills are vital to becoming an effective and respected leader.

Drama and Theatre

We have regular Academy productions for those interested in drama and theatre, and we encourage all of our pupils to take on leadership roles in Academy plays and productions. All year groups are invited to audition for age-appropriate parts. Those pupils who are chosen to participate in Academy plays and productions develop a sense of personal responsibility and accountability. They have to learn their lines, they grow to understand the importance of showing up to rehearsals on time and not letting others down, as well as the necessity of delivering a compelling performance when it counts.

Pupils also have the opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence – which is essential to being a good leader – by exploring the motivations and mind-sets of their characters so they can deliver their roles with authenticity.

Public Speaking

Pupils are also given the opportunity to engage in debates about issues they are truly passionate about, and are expected to prepare a strong case to support their views. Public speaking and debating gives pupils the opportunity to reflect on the validity and feasibility of their own opinions, whilst listening carefully to the views of others. It encourages our pupils to think on their feet and highlights the importance of standing up for what they believe in through presenting persuasive and compelling arguments, rather than by demeaning other people. This helps to give pupils the conviction they need to become an effective leader.


Our Arts offer is designed to allow pupils to grow as artists, inspiring them to connect with, and take part in, the wider arts world through undertaking arts-related challenges in a variety of forms – including performing arts, visual arts, literature, media and multimedia.

The Arts offer gives pupils the opportunity to:

  • Discover the enjoyment of creating and participating in any art form
  • Experience a range of cultural activities
  • Work with creative arts professionals
  • Develop their creativity and leadership skills
  • Learn new skills and share them with others