Our Leadership specialism is at the heart of everything we do. Our students learn all about their rights, roles and responsibilities as young leaders in Britain and the world today.

At Eden Boys Leadership Academy, we strongly believe that the leaders of tomorrow must be nurtured through positive experiences today, that it is not enough simply to teach about good leadership, but that it must be experienced; and that the greater individuality and self-reflectivity one fosters within a young person through a personalised and experiential curriculum in leadership, the more rewards there are in terms of personal development and attainment.

The Star R-18 Leadership Framework captures this commitment to nurture and develop the leadership potential of Star pupils via the identification of specific virtues linked to a competency matrix that encompasses the entire schooling experience.

In placing leadership at the very heart of our organisation, the Star R-18 Leadership Framework intends to develop well-rounded, ethical and accomplished leaders of tomorrow. Pupil leaders who act from a strong self-concept; individuals who are passionate, determined and tenacious, willing to courageously lead and to humbly serve others. These leaders are inspiring role models and active citizens equipped to engage across a diverse and wide range of contexts in the pursuit of excellence.

Student Leadership Roles

Student leaders are recruited throughout the school in a number of roles.

The purpose of student leaders is to:

  • Provide the perspective of learners into decision-making within the school;
  • Support the school in managing key events, processes and groups of students; and
  • Develop autonomy and ownership within the student body.
Student Council

Members of the Student Council are elected by their peers and meet with the Chair of Governors or a senior leader on their behalf on a half-termly basis.  The meetings allow students to:

  • Provide feedback from their peers on key events and initiatives in school.
  • Influence the planning and delivery of forthcoming events and activities.
  • Raise concerns on all areas of the school.

The meetings, and their wider role as members of the Student Council, develop students as leaders by developing skills in:

  • Building consensus;
  • Evaluating and rationalising conflicting feedback that they receive from their peers;
  • And being able to persuade others at the Student Council of the merits of their point of view.
Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze & Silver Award

All Year 9 pupils have the opportunity to complete the Bronze DofE Award, all Year 10 pupils have the opportunity to complete the Silver DofE Award. The programme involves a range of activities – including volunteering, physical assessments, skill activities and a residential and expedition.

The activities – managed and coordinated by the school – enable students to develop leadership skills relating to working in a team, receiving and giving instructions, communication, mental fortitude and perseverance and social and self-awareness.

    Prince’s Trust

    All Year 7 and 8 pupils complete units if work in PSHE in line with the Prince’s Trust Achieve Programme which is designed to foster high ambitions in all young people. A select group for Year 7 and 8 pupils are entered for the Prince’s Trust Achieve Award. These pupils will carry out a social enterprise project and will deliver a community project.  

      Head Boy & Deputy Head Boy

      An election is held every year for the oldest boys in the school for the position of Head Boy and Deputy Head Boy. The elected boys will:

      • Acts as an ambassador for the school at various events- e.g. Open Days, Presentation Evening, school visits.
      • Sets excellent standards for the rest of the school in terms of appearance, conduct, attitude to work and involvement in school activities.
      • Supports the development of positive relationships with pupils and staff.
      • Supports the management of prefects and mentors.
      • Attends a fortnightly meeting with the prefects.
      • Leads various schemes such as peer mentoring, fundraising and volunteering.

      Prefects are selected by the Head of Year of the oldest year group. Prefects work under the supervision on the Head Boy and the Deputy Head Boy. The role of the prefect is to:

      • Supervise learners during key times in school
      • To maintain the highest standards of discipline
      • Supervise learners during assemblies
      • Support the organisation and delivery of school events such as Parents’ Evenings, induction days and Open Evenings
      • Supervise small groups of students

      • Represent the school when appropriate

      Form Captains

      Form captains are appointed by the Form teacher. The role of the Form Captain is to:

      • Help co-ordinate class activities e.g. assemblies
      • Assist LC during registration
      • Maintain classroom noticeboard
      • Check standards of cleanliness in the classroom
      • Monitor class equipment and uniform standards
      • Encourage class to aim for excellent attendance and punctuality.

      Librarians are appointed by the English department. The role of the librarian is to:

      • Maintain the order of books on shelves.
      • Assist pupils especially the Gold Readers in choosing books
      • Manage the upkeep of loans and return
      • Engage in conversations about the library and reading with other pupils
      • Oversee the smooth running of the library
      Reading Buddies

      buddies are appointed by the English DoL and SEN department in which older children in the school help develop the reading skills of younger pupils and less confident readers. Reading buddies:

      • Meet three times a week
      • Read books together and practice reading out loud to promote fluency, correct pronunciation and intonation
      • Discuss books the books that they are reading
      • Help develop a passion for reading  with less confident readers
      Reading Monitors

       Form Reading Representatives are appointed by the English DoL in discussion with Learning Co-ordinators. Reading monitors:

      • Keep a record of the books that are being read by the form
      • Ensure boys are reading the books that they have borrowed by checking the understanding of the books
      • Help develop a passion for reading across the form by acting as ambassadors for reading
      Food Technicians

      Food technicians to be selected by the food teacher depending on their ambition in class. The role for the technicians will be:

      • To support with setting out for lessons during lunchtime/break (not both)
      • Help those out who are struggling during a practical
      • Organising of equipment and ingredients in the correct places
      • Maintaining the cleanliness of the floor during practical sessions
      Art Technicians

      Art technicians to be selected by the Art teacher. They will operate a variety of roles such as:

      • To support with setting out materials e.g paint, handouts brushes etc
      • Help set up for/tidy for following sessions during lunchtime/break
      Charity Leaders

      Charity leaders are appointed by the Head of Humanities. The role of the charity leader is:

      • To work closely with the school council to identify whole school charitable causes to support.
      • To act as an ambassador for charitable causes across the school
      • To lead in and support the promotion and implementation of charitable events across the school
      Eco Council

      Eco Council are appointed the Head of Humanities. The role of the eco council is to:

      • Ensure students and staff are complying with our Eco Values.
      • Taking account of different areas around school to ensure the school remains in immaculate condition.
      • Raising awareness of Environmental Issues through organising activates and assemblies and displays
      STEM Leaders

      The STEM Leaders are appointed by application and commitment to attending STEM club. The role of the STEM leaders is to:


      • Promote STEM across school
      • To assist in organising STEM activities in Science week for their respective Year group
      • To assist in distributing and collecting in equipment during STEM club
      Digital Leaders

      Digital leaders are selected by the Computing department. Digital leaders:

      • Provide support to their peers in aspects such as login into and using Microsoft Teams, Class Charts and/or other ICT related tasks.
                Lab Leaders

                The Lab Leaders role is:

                • To assist in the distribution of equipment and collecting it in in at the end of a practical
                • To ensure that equipment is washed and accounted for and report any breakages to the teacher
                Diversity Council

                A select group of KS4 pupils will promote diversity around the school and in the curriculum. The council will:

                • Take part in one activity every half term
                • Create a diversity display
                • Meet with heads of department to promote diversity in the curriculum
                • Hold an ‘international day’ (COVID-19 dependent)
                Health Ambassadors

                Ambassadors will be made up of pupils in Year 7 and 8 pupils. The health ambassadors will:

                • Take part in one health related initiative every half term (e.g. promoting healthy eating)