In our first Ofsted inspection, Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Manchester was judged ‘outstanding’ in two of the four inspection categories and received an overall rating of ‘good’.

An Ofsted inspection team visited the school for two days in November 2021. The inspection report, which was published this week, heaps praise on our pupils, staff and the whole-school community, and reflects our collective efforts to create a positive school culture with high standards and aspirations for all.

The inspectors were particularly complimentary about pupils’ exemplary attitudes, behaviours and personal development. The report highlights that “pupils are diligent, respectful and incredibly proud of their school. Pupils appreciate the high expectations that all staff have of their behaviour and their learning. As such, pupils’ behaviour at all times is praiseworthy. Their attitudes to learning are excellent.”

The school was graded ‘outstanding’ for ‘behaviour and attitudes’ and ‘personal development’. Inspectors reported that “pupils are happy and safe in school” and commended our pupils as “very strong role models within the local community. They actively participate in charity work and engage in a vast array of opportunities designed to develop their character and leadership skills.”

Inspectors judged the school’s ‘quality of education’ and ‘leadership and management’ as ‘good’. They noted that “leaders, governors and trustees are unwavering in their commitment to ensure that every pupil, irrespective of their background, leaves Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy equipped with the qualifications that they need for future success. Leaders have high academic aspirations for pupils. They expect all pupils to succeed. Pupils, particularly those at Key Stage 4, achieve well.”

Although the school was judged to be ‘outstanding’ in two out of the four areas, the judgement for the quality of education has limited the school’s overall rating to ‘good’.

Sarfraz Shah, Principal at Eden Boys’ Leadership Academy, Manchester, said

“We are delighted that this first Ofsted inspection recognises the many exceptional and distinctive features of our school and our pupils. This outcome would not have been possible without the support and commitment of our dedicated and professional staff and governors, our incredible pupils and, of course, our parents and carers.

“We are continuing our work to secure our future goal of achieving an overall outstanding Ofsted grading and are committed to making further improvements as we continue our journey to excellence in all areas.”

The inspection report recognises the high standard of teaching at the school, stating that “pupils benefit from teachers’ strong subject knowledge and expertise. Teachers are highly skilled at selecting appropriate activities to enable pupils, including those with SEND, to learn the curriculum well.” It goes on to say that “teachers ensure that all pupils gain the knowledge that they need to deepen their understanding of the world around them.”

The school’s focus on leadership, personal development and well-being is also praised in the report. Inspectors noted that the school provides “all pupils with rich opportunities to develop their teamwork and leadership skills, as well as supporting pupils’ physical and mental well-being.”

You can read the full report here.